Wahid & Talatha

  • 4 young azawah saluki cross pups rescued from a local farm and admitted to the vet with severe leg deformity we thought. It wasn’t that straightforward as putting them on supplements and quality food wasn’t enough to stabilize them

  •  2 pups didn’t make it unfortunately and 2 were moved to ICU under constant observation for about 2,5 months when they were finally diagnosed with defected receptor gene of vitamin D Since then our pups were finally put on a medication to help them to grow up and 1 day to grow out of their health problems
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  • Farha was found dumped in a farms in a remote area

  • Found her was a saluki farm owner who contacted us to give her a proper forever home since she couldn’t breed again (already over bred).

  • We had to let her rest at her adoption trial family home then started running blood runs and tests before spaying her.

  • Farha was found with enlarged ovaries and her liver was effected and more than one test was given before and after boosting her with supplements and cage rest at the vet.

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  • blind senior saluki, over 16 years old who is under the care of ASCOD and being long-term fostered at the moment

  • She is old and her past eating disorders and life style affects her health drastically

  • Recently Fetoon had to rush to tumour removal surgery

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