Whether you need informations,

need some help with a saluki,

or you want to support us

we can help.

Our team has experience with saluki for many years so we’re able to assist you if you need help with your saluki . But you can also support us in many ways,please read the FAQ.

Whatever you would like to communicate with us here is who we are.

Yelena Valici

ASCOD founders Yelena Swain and Mohammed Al Darwish considering the situation of straying Salukis agreed to set up a group of people willing to help…

Rawan Quinn

Rawan has been brought up in Abu Dhabi (UAE). She has an extensive knowledge on the Saluki breed, owns 2 herself.

Mohammed Darwish

Young emirati who has a huge chemical plant to look after as head engineer and passion for fishing found time and money to set up a very first Saluki rescue in the UAE.